How do I Become a Hair Salon Owner?

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If you want to become a hair salon owner, there are many different options for reaching that goal. In all cases, you'll need to attend a cosmetology school to learn the hair techniques you'll need for your business. Many cosmetology programs are less than a year long and include hair salon management classes. If you want to become a hair salon owner, you should choose a cosmetology program geared toward future owners.

If you've already completed cosmetology training, taking business management classes can be a suitable option. Speaking with hair salon owners about specific challenges in running salons can give you industry insight to add to your business management knowledge. If you hope to have a salon with other services in addition to hairdressing, most cosmetology schools have separate classes, such as those for nail artistry, hair removal and makeup application.

Offering extra services can significantly boost a hair salon's profits, but you should do extensive research to gauge the demand in your area for each service you're considering. Preparing a formal business plan that includes an analysis of your target customers as well as your competition is necessary if you want to become a hair salon owner. Getting a clear picture of who your customers are likely to be as well as the competition you face from other hair salons in your location will help you get to the next step of deciding on your business model.


Hair salon business model options include privately owned shops, franchise chain stores and mobile salons. A privately owned hairdressing shop is best in a shopping area with good local traffic. In some areas, hairdressers operate hair salons from their own homes, such as in a basement. If you want to become a hair salon owner of a franchise, this means you'll have to follow many rules set by the head company. On the plus side, owning a franchise store with a well-known name can help draw customers to you.

A mobile hair salon would be an option to consider if you can't afford the rent and overhead of a large store. Plus, unlike traditional walk-in hair salons, you can provide cut, style and color services for people in their own homes by having a vehicle well stocked with hairdressing supplies. Bedridden individuals as well as the elderly and entire families are common mobile hair salon clients. Mobile hair salons are also ideal for specialization in bridal makeup or film or theater styling. Adding makeup services will increase your job options if you want to become a hair salon owner of a mobile service.


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