How do I Become a Front Desk Manager?

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The hotel industry is a service-based industry that caters to people traveling. A typical hotel requires a large staff of support personnel to manage the daily operations. The front desk manager is the manager of the front office staff. Several years of education with an emphasis in hotel restaurant management is typically required to become a front desk manager.

The front desk is the heart of a hotel organization. The front desk manager is responsible for overall customer service, reservations, billing, and personnel management. To become a front desk manager, a person needs to be comfortable with interacting with strangers and dealing with hotel guest issues.

An individual who wants to become a front desk manager should try working as a front desk clerk. This is an entry level-position where a person interacts with the hotel guests for most general services while at the hotel. The front desk clerk typically requires a high school diploma, with a starting pay around the minimum wage.

The concierge is the guest service attendant who assists hotel guests with travel plans regarding the city, attractions, and events in the local area. This guest service attendant typically is supervised by the front desk manager. The guest service attendant also supports other groups in the hotel including the sales department, the bell captain, and the hotel shuttle operation.


Most front desk personnel are responsible for booking reservations in the hotel. To become a front desk manager an individual must understand hotel room management selling strategies. These strategies are different for each hotel brand but enable hotels to increase rates as room occupancy is increased.

The hotel industry has many types of hotel chains. These include motels, small hotels, and large five-star hotel organizations. Some larger hotel chains have several hundred employees. Within these large hotels a front desk manager can be expected to manage upwards of 50 employees.

Shift work is another consideration for someone wanting to become a front desk manager. The hotel is a 24-hour operation and requires support for morning, evenings, and late night shifts. The front desk manager is the supervisor for the front desk support during these shifts. This shift work requires flexibility in an individual’s schedule.

There are many colleges that specialize in hotel restaurant degree programs. These programs are typically referred to as hospitality and culinary arts degrees. Within these programs an individual will learn about general hotel management, customer service, and guest travel management.


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