How Do I Become a Freelance Recruiter?

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A freelance recruiter is an independent contractor who attempts to find qualified candidates for vacant job postings. Someone wishing to become a freelance recruiter should gain some industry-relevant experience working as a human resources (HR) representative. Additionally, many people in this field focus on filling job openings within specific industries, in which case anyone planning to become a freelance recruiter may have to have academic or professional credentials that are related to a particular industry.

People who plan to work in recruiting jobs often complete undergraduate degrees in HR management or related topics. Those studying these courses learn about regional or national labor laws and wage negotiation techniques. Aside from full degree programs, some colleges also offer short-term vocational courses that can prepare people for work in this field. In addition to arranging employment contracts, freelance recruiters also have to negotiate fees and commissions with employers in which case someone planning to become a freelance recruiter may benefit from studying for a degree in business administration or management.


Many large firms and staffing agencies employ people in entry-level HR jobs and the individuals who fill these roles are often tasked with producing postings that detail job requirements for particular positions. Additionally, these professionals interview job seekers and create personal profiles for these individuals that employers can review whenever there are job openings. Someone wishing to become a freelance recruiter may need to spend some time working in one of these junior roles to learn about the basic functions and duties that are a key component of the job. Seasoned HR representatives are often asked to head-hunt workers for certain positions. Someone wishing to become a freelance worker can hone his or her own recruitment skills while working as a full-time employee of a staffing agency since these individuals are normally paid a salary regardless of their work volume while freelancers only make money when they actually conclude deals.

Beyond professional and academic qualifications, anyone wishing to become a freelance recruiter may have to register as a business owner with the regional or national government. Thereafter, these individuals should advertise their services in trade journals and newspapers as well as soliciting local companies for business. Firms can save money by outsourcing recruitment since full-time in-house recruiters do not have to be kept on the payroll. Consequently, some freelancers produce reports that detail the financial savings a firm can realize by outsourcing. People in this field often rely heavily on referrals and recommendations form former clients; consequently, anyone working as a freelancer must have good customer service and organizational skills so as to keep clients satisfied.


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