How do I Become a Financial Accounting Manager?

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If you want to become a financial accounting manager in the United States, you must have at least a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting. Most employers prefer to hire candidates who have an advanced degree in accounting. In addition, you should also plan to have at least five years of relevant experience before you apply for one of these positions, as the majority of employers prefer to hire applicants who have been working in the accounting field for several years.

You should have previous experience managing the work of others, as well as supervising other employees on a daily basis. While it is certainly helpful if you have taken some college level courses pertaining to supervision and accounting or business management, this type of background is usually not sufficient if you want to become a financial accounting manager. Some employers may indicate a strong preference for candidates who have project management experience, or who have studied these principles in college. In this type of job, you should be prepared to handle several different projects at one time, and be able to meet deadlines without difficulty.


It is generally considered to be very important for applicants to have solid computer skills. You should be familiar with at least one or two different types of accounting software, as well as word processing and spreadsheet programs. In addition, you should be familiar with standard accounting practices, in terms of record-keeping and balancing accounts. Though some methods will differ between employers, general practices are normally standard.

The majority of positions require candidates to have an aptitude for working well with others. If you want to become a financial accounting manager, some projects may require you to work with a group of people, while other projects may require more solitary work. You should feel comfortable working in either type of situation, if you want to perform well in this type of job. In some instances, you could also have to conduct the majority of your work independently, and then meet periodically with a committee in order to consolidate data.

Most individuals who become a financial accounting manager are very organized and detail-oriented. You should have an affinity for working with numbers, and you also need to be good at solving problems. People who hold these positions are often called upon to resolve issues that other employees have not been able to get worked out. People who are naturally adept at leading and directing others usually do quite well in these positions.


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