How Do I Become a Field Application Engineer?

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Field application engineers are technological experts who commonly provide support for software and computer application salespeople. To become a field application engineer, it almost always is necessary to earn a bachelor's degree in a field such as computer engineering or computer science in order to develop a deep understanding of operating systems, such as Linux and Windows. If you would like to become a field application engineer in a field such as alternative energy or electronics, however, it is essential to earn a bachelor's degree in a field such as electrical engineering. It also is important to take positions that offer project management and customer service experience.


Since a person who wants to become a field application engineer needs to be a technical expert, it is essential that you earn your undergraduate degree in a relevant field, such as computer engineering. To get accepted into an undergraduate program, it is important to get good marks in high school in classes such as computer science and math. Advanced math classes, such as calculus and statistics can make you a more appealing college admissions candidate. While in a bachelor's degree program, make sure to take classes that introduce you to operating systems, such as Linux and Windows. Enroll in computer lab classes where you can learn how to write programs and applications for these operating systems. If you would like to become a field application engineer in an engineering field like alternative energy, enroll in courses where you learn about energy sources, creating data sheets, and performing energy calculations.

In all cases, a person who wants to become a field application engineer should plan on becoming a technical expert in his or her field. This means that he or she not only should earn an undergraduate degree, but should also participate in internships either for private sector firms or as a research assistant at a university. To get this kind of experience, it is a good idea to express to your academic adviser that you are interested in getting a head start in your professional development. In most cases, your adviser can provide you with a list of local organizations that work with interns. Expect to go through various application and interview processes.

To become a field application engineer, it is a good idea to find project management opportunities that allow you to get good practice communicating complex ideas to others while also developing stronger social organization skills. One way to become a project manager is to begin as a technical assistant in an organization and to communicate interest in management to your superiors, this way they keep you in mind when project management opportunities arise. Another way to get this experience is to apply for management positions that open up at other organizations. Some methods for getting leadership or managerial experience that can prepare you for these positions is to enroll in management classes in college while you are studying for your bachelor's degree or to enroll in management workshops that you can find online or at a local institution that offers business courses.


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