How do I Become a Fashion Model?

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To become a fashion model it will generally be necessary to sign a contract with a modeling agency. Someone who wants to become a fashion model will typically need to determine if he or she wants to be a print model, a runway model, or both. Some agencies will employ models who can work in multiple areas, while others will only want models who work in one. Fashion models typically create advertisements for magazines, billboards, and catalogs.

If you hope to become a fashion model, you will need to make this decision very early in life. Most fashion models are quite young, usually in their teenage years to their early twenties. It is also generally necessary to have a specific look and physique in order to become a fashion model. Most models are quite tall and thin, with vary narrow hips. It may be possible to become a plus-size fashion model as well.

Once you have determined that you intend to be a fashion model, it will be necessary to develop a portfolio to send to agencies and clients. The portfolio should be made up of high-quality photographs that demonstrate your ability to model, as well as illustrate your flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations. A good quality portfolio is the single most important thing you can do in order to become a fashion model.


In addition, when you go for meetings at modeling agencies, it is important to present yourself well, and appear articulate and knowledgeable. It is the same as any job interview, in that making a good first impression is more likely to get you hired. Once hired by an agency, you must consistently demonstrate excellency and professionalism in order to maintain your employment with the agency.

Keep in mind that fashion models are generally required to maintain the appearance that they signed onto the agency with. This means maintaining a certain weight and shape. It is important that someone who works as a fashion model is able to wear each garment as is, with no alterations. This will save clients money, and many will not be willing to work with a model who does not fit into the sample sizes. Keep in mind as well that only the most successful fashion models make a high income; the income compared to the amount of time spent working as a model is often quite low.


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Post 5

I've been researching for a while now on how to become a model. And it seems that there is more to learn aside from just posing in front of the camera. I mean, there's also the business part of it. And you really have to know how to really break into the business. I found a website and so far, it's really been a big help to me. The maker of the site is a successful director/animator in Hollywood who knows a lot about the fashion industry. And the best part is that there are real famous models in his site that also shares and gives tip on aspiring models like me.

Post 3

How to become a model in Asia is quite different than in Europe or America. Models in Asia are extremely thin in comparison to models elsewhere.

After the year 2006, models were considered too thin if they were under 128 lbs at 5'10". This was a good change in the industry, encouraging models to eat healthy, rather than avoid food to stay on track.

As a mother of a model, I've seen the ups and downs and would encourage moms to help their daughters find a way to eat healthy in this industry. There is plenty of information out there to help models stay healthy in a high fashion world.

Post 2

How to become a fashion model in the U.S. is quite different from other countries. Each country wants specific qualities for their models. Most models do need to have the "alien" look with large, wide-spaced eyes, high cheekbones, and a pointed chin.

Being 5'10" is also very important if you want to work as a runway model.

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