How Do I Become a Facility Security Officer?

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A career as a facility security officer is ideal for someone who enjoys protecting others and maintaining order. Individuals in this profession can work in many places, like hospitals, malls and museums. In order to become a facility security officer, there are a few steps that need to be taken. These include having a clean record, graduating from high school, participating in security officer training, taking an exam and becoming certified. Once these actions have been taken, it should be possible for most individuals to become employed.

Before taking any steps to become a facility security officer, it's crucial that an individual has a clean criminal record. While having a simple misdemeanor won't automatically disqualify a person, having any serious crimes on one's record, such as a felony, will. In fact, most individuals must undergo a background check and get fingerprinted before receiving any formal training.

Another necessary part of getting into this career is graduating from high school. While most companies don't require any college degree, almost all require security officers to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Having one proves that a person possesses the fundamental skills that are necessary for the job.


Participating in formal training is also required in order to become a facility security officer. The length and extent of training will differ depending upon a person's location and the facility, but most courses are somewhere between 20 and 40 hours in length. During this time, an individual will learn information like the basics of being a security guard, laws, safety issues, and responsibilities. If a weapon will be carried on the job, a person will have to undergo weapon training as well.

After the initial training has been completed, most individuals must take an exam. The questions on the exam are typically multiple choice and will differ depending upon the facility and location. Exams will generally cover the material learned during training and anything else the facility deems necessary. Along with this, some facilities might also require a person to undergo some physical tests to become a facility security officer. Passing these tests proves that an individual is knowledgeable, able to diffuse dangerous situations and physically capable of performing the job.

In addition, most facilities require security officers to become certified before starting the position. This usually includes taking a drug test and demonstrating knowledge of laws, property rights and legal issues surrounding the arrest of intruders. Once this certificate has been obtained, a person can officially become a facility security officer.


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