How Do I Become a Facilities Planner?

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If you want to become a facilities planner, you need a college education, an ability to work with many different professionals, and an understanding of the facilities planning process. You must be able to plan for future facilities utilization. Different companies and organizations have different requirements for this job. Equipment and furniture acquisition may also be required. Most facilities planners need a basic knowledge of negotiating leases, working within local regulations, preparing cost estimates, interior space planning, and designing floor plans.

Educational requirements for someone who wants to become a facilities planner include acquiring an associate or bachelor's degree, and some employers do require a master's degree. Coursework should concentrate on architectural planning, business management, computer modeling, interior design, or related fields of study. Be sure to check with each school and get all the details for their particular facilities planning courses. There are many different aspects to this type of degree so determining the specific requirements for a particular company may be a good idea.


One of the primary responsibilities of a facilities planner is to anticipate and plan for the use of a company's facilities many years into the future. You need to know about project planning for capital expansion and renovation of existing facilities. This means you must assess current operations and facilities, estimate the amount and type of facilities needed, and make the appropriate recommendations for specific space requests. You will work with the people involved in building or preparing a corporate facility and will present any proposals to management or corporate executives.

If you become a facilities planner for an organization other than a company or business, you may end up working with a school district, college, or university. Facilities planners work with bankers, architects, engineers and contractors to develop and build the facilities used for student housing and classrooms. If they work for a school district, they must plan for future growth based on district boundaries, population studies, and estimates of future enrollment.

To become a facilities planner, study the details of the job description. Some companies want a hands-on facilities planner with training or experience in computer aided design (CAD) systems. Other companies want a facilities planner to acquire furniture, fixtures, and equipment for any new or existing buildings or workspace. Other responsibilities of a facilities planner include preparation of floor plan drawings, monitoring ongoing construction or renovation, and administering construction contracts. Facilities planners may also be called upon to organize and facilitate moving furniture and equipment from one location to another.


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