How do I Become a Distributor?

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There are four steps required to become a distributor: to obtain storage space, invest in trucks, locate clients, and install logistic management software. The amount of storage space required depends on the needs to the customer. A distributor can specialize in a wide range of different sectors, depending on local competition, resources, and capacity. It is important to determine the target client group and purchase the equipment necessary to meet their needs. For example, a refrigerated warehouse and trucks are required to be a distributor for produce, dairy, or frozen food products.

A distributorship is a type of business or organization that is responsible for the logistics of storing and transporting materials. The size of the area that the distributor covers varies widely, depending on the number of warehouses, the type of clients, and the materials it has. Distribution companies can be solely responsible for moving items around the world, or they can participate in a network of smaller companies that provide access to local resources.

The location of the storage space is very important if you want to become a distributor. Warehouses inside a large city are very expensive to own or rent. A central location near a major highway, airport, or waterfront can often be purchased for a reasonable price, assuming it is outside the main city limits.


You must also have a reliable method for transporting materials. There are two options: to purchase your own trucks or use a courier service. There are benefits and risks associated with each option.

A distributor that invests in trucks must hire staff and pay for insurance and gas. The trucks are completely within the control of the company, however. Courier firms take all the responsibility for equipment maintenance, but courier fees represent a significant expense to the distributor. When you decide to become a distributor, it is important to have the capacity to adjust as the business climate changes.

A distributor is responsible for securing both manufacturing clients and retail clients. The firm takes possession of the goods and are responsible for the storage and sale of these items to a retail outlet. In the typical agreement, the manufacturer sells their product directly to the distributor.

If the distributor is unable to locate a retail firm, it must identify other methods of selling the product. The accurate tracking of shipments, purchase orders, location, and sales is central to the job. There are several high-quality software products available to assist in these core business functions.


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Post 2

Comfyshoes- I wanted to add that a friend of mine wanted to become a supplement distributor once. She was going to work for a company directly.

What enticed her was that she could earn money not only on what she sold but on what her recruited members sold. They also offered incentives like cars and trips to those that met certain sales goals.

She said that it was really exciting at first, but the marketing was the difficult part. There are some people that are successful in this field but many are not.

I think a lot of it depends on the product and the company. Some companies like Mary Kay offer a lot of ongoing support

and training. They also offer 50% profit on everything sold.

The key to really making money in this business is to recruit others to work under you which are considered your down line.

You will get a percentage of their total sales and if you will also get promoted and receive additional compensation.

It can be a fun field but it is not for everyone.

Post 1

I know that if you work for a company in direct sales you can also become a distributor for a company.

It is really a great way to earn a living because it is flexible so you can adjust the business to your schedule.

Also, you buy the product directly from the company and often the company will provide not only specials on start up inventory, but they provide additional incentives for those that met certain sales goals.

For example, if you become a candle distributor and work for a company like Mia Bella candles you would have to buy your start up inventory through them and then sell it to your customers.

Since you will not have storefront location marketing and networking with potential customers is important. Usually these companies offer training opportunities to show you how to sell their products. They usually suggest parties as a method of promoting the product and getting people to buy.

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