How do I Become a Direct Mail Copywriter?

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Contrary to popular belief, becoming a professional writer of any kind is not an easy task. Most full-time professional writers have had academic training within the writing field. A writer who wants to become a direct mail copywriter should have a background in marketing, advertising, or commerce in order to secure a high-paying position.

In order to become a direct mail copywriter, a writer must have the unique ability to convince a person to act with urgency. Companies hire writers of this type in order to encourage consumers to buy a product or learn more about a service. Direct mail products include emails, brochures, door hangers, and package inserts. Any words written on these products have been produced by a direct mail copywriter.

Attempting to coerce a consumer into buying a product is not an easy task. A copywriter must understand what kind of audience she is writing for, and she must also know about a product from all angles. By gathering this knowledge, a copywriter can then apply different phrases to each direct mail piece. Therefore, learning how to research properly is important in order to become a direct mail copywriter.

An academic background in English literature, professional writing, or marketing will help a full-time writer become a direct mail copywriter. In addition, hands-on experience will also contribute to a writer's portfolio. Since most writers are hired on a contractual basis, a writer's portfolio needs to be top-notch.


Rarely do those seeking the services of a copywriter take a chance on writers who are lacking experience. However, writers who are new to the field of professional writing may seek an apprenticeship. On occasion, seasoned writers will hire new writers to perform various copywriting tasks. In this instance, a new writer may be able to gain some valuable experience.

Those writers who are skilled at direct mail copywriting often enjoy a lucrative career. Still, there is some speculation as to whether or not most forms of direct mail marketing will become extinct within the near future. As more and more companies rely on email campaigns and Internet advertising, direct mail publications may not be as popular as they once were.

This is precisely why some copywriters specialize in email and Internet copywriting. In many ways, the future of direct mail marketing is unknown. Regardless, learning how to become a direct mail copywriter is still a valuable asset around the globe. Those copywriters who do not work as contractors may be hired by marketing firms that still rely heavily upon direct mail advertising.


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An interesting article, thanks. To be a successful DM writer, you need to know how to sell. So as well as polishing your language skills, learn your trade as a salesperson to. Do that, and you'll have a great career ahead of you in DM copywriting.

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