How Do I Become a Digital Producer?

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Digital producers are people who generate content for websites in an effort to promote companies and attract Internet users. These people need to be creative and computer-savvy. An individual who seeks to become a digital producer can complete four years of college and become an intern at a marketing firm or news production company to gain the experience required to thrive in this career area. In addition, earning certifications through companies that manufacture industry computer programs makes you stand out from other job candidates when applying for employment roles.

If you would like to become a digital producer, you should complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in digital production. Enrollment in this type of program requires submission of a high school diploma or the equivalent certification in addition to your high school transcript to your desired training institution. Turning in your standardized test scores and a completed admission application also prepares you to begin schooling in this field.

Computer-based courses provide the foundation that you need to be successful in this vocational area. Through classroom work and hands-on projects, you should master how to capture video and edit this content using industry computer software. Other courses cover how to make sure that the audio of video footage works properly. Acquiring experience with developing scripts is also necessary, as this will come in handy when you become a digital producer who puts together interactive film packages for television or websites.


You typically have to complete an internship before you earn your degree in this field of study. The career services department at your university or even your professors can recommend establishments at which you might be able to sharpen your practical skills as you aim to become a digital producer. If producing content for a news website, you need to strive to help your company to reach its objective of drawing a certain number of people to its Internet pages by offering engaging footage. Meanwhile, your responsibility might be to develop online advertising campaigns using video when working for a marketing organization.

Even though certification is not necessary to enter into this industry, it will sharpen your software skills while also capturing the attention of potential employers. Vendors of computer programs that allow you to design content for digital publications as well as alter photos or create visual effects usually provide opportunities to become certified in the use of these products. You simply have to pass examinations, and, when you do become a digital producer, you must complete continuing education classes that keep your knowledge of this constantly-evolving field as current as possible.


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