How do I Become a Custodian?

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While higher education is not usually necessary to become a custodian, many employers will require that you have at least a high school education. It is also a good idea to improve your trade skills, such as working on automobiles, household appliances, and other types of machinery. Once you have completed your education, you will need to search for jobs that will allow you to become a custodian.

Look for jobs at hospitals, schools, office buildings, and other large buildings that may be in need of custodial staff. The classified section of the newspaper or online job boards are also a great place to look for jobs, though showing up in person and expressing your desire to become a custodian to the custodial staff at a particular building may help you seem like the right candidate for the job. Be ready to sell your skills: tell the manager or person hiring custodial staff about your experience, if any, and your willingness to learn new skills. If you have particular experience in fixing machines such as heaters, air conditioners, or even automobiles, be sure to mention that to the employer.


Remember that in order to become a custodian, you must be in good physical shape. A custodian is likely to spend most of his or her work day standing, walking, lifting, and performing other physical activities. This can be a tiring job, and it can even lead to minor to moderate injury. A custodian will also often work primarily at night after the normal business day has ended, so you will need to be willing to work nights if you want to become a custodian.

Once you have secured a job as a custodian, you may want to consider learning new skills and trades as soon as possible; being able to work on plumbing or electrical applications may make you a more valuable candidate for a promotion — perhaps to a custodial management position or a higher paying custodial job at another institution. Some people consider custodial work to be a temporary position, while others will do it for several years; whichever path you choose, you will want to make yourself a more valuable custodian for future job consideration, whether it is in the custodial field or another unrelated field.


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