How Do I Become a Creative Writing Lecturer?

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The requirements to become a creative writing lecturer can vary depending on the region of the world in which you live. This academic rank usually refers to a full-time employee who is not on a tenure track and generally does not need to conduct research, but that criteria can vary. The first step you will need to take to become a creative writing lecturer is to find out what this position entails in your area. Regardless of the general criteria, you will need to earn a bachelor's degree, as well as a master's degree in languages or creative writing.

This means, of course, that you will first need to graduate from high school. Good grades in languages and writing will help you get into a good bachelor's degree program, which will give you a solid foundation to become a creative writing lecturer. While in college, you should major in your native language if possible, and focus as much as possible on creative writing. Some colleges and universities even offer undergraduate writing degree programs focused exclusively on creative writing. Others may offer a creative writing concentration, which means you will take part in general language and writing courses, as well as creative writing-specific coursework.


Once you graduate from your undergraduate degree program, you will need to enroll in a master's level writing program in order to become a creative writing lecturer. Some creative writing master's degrees are terminal degrees, which means there are no higher degrees beyond it. In the United States, it is common to earn a Master's of Fine Arts, or MFA, in creative writing so you will be qualified to become a creative writing lecturer. Other countries will have similar degrees, so you will need to research which type of degree will be most appropriate for your career pursuits.

Keep in mind that the job market for these positions will be highly competitive, so even after you earn the necessary degrees, you will need to do more work to make yourself an attractive candidate. Whenever possible, try to publish your creative writing work in books, magazines, anthologies, or any other media that publishes creative pieces. This will help you boost your writing resume, thereby making you a stronger candidate for a lecturer position. Focus on improving your own writing and developing your name and reputation as a writer and you will have an easier time finding a path to become a creative writing lecturer.


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