How do I Become a Cost Accountant?

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The role of a cost accountant is to determine the cost associated with various business endeavors. Cost accountants are needed to assess the cost of providing a service or manufacturing a product. Cost accountants are also used during the hiring process to determine the potential value of hiring new employees.

There are educational requirements that must be met for anyone who wants to become a cost accountant. Individuals that want to become cost accountants should have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting. An advanced degree can be extremely helpful to establishing a career as a cost accountant. For example, acquiring a master’s in business administration can give a person the educational and professional aptitude to succeed in the accounting field.

In addition to obtaining a formal education, cost accountants may also choose to attain certification. They can obtain professional recognition through public accountant certification. Some cost accountants merge into their positions by practicing as a certified public accountant for a period of time. Others work in management accounting to help them transition to cost accounting.

A cost accountant must also become familiar with the latest technological developments in accounting. Cost accountants should learn about new software programs and any other technology that will make their job more efficient. Accounting programs evolve and change and anyone who wants to become a cost accountant must evolve with technology.


Cost accounting has been used for many years to help businesses succeed. Cost accounting can establish budgets, cost of operations and the social use of funds. Without accounting, many businesses would be in financial disarray.

Cost accountants are important to the success of many organizations and companies. They help a company stay productive and profitable through systemic financial assessment and analysis. Cost accountants gather information to help managers and executives determine how their company can be more efficient.

It is helpful if someone who wants to become a cost accountant develops his or her business intelligence. Understanding a company’s needs requires business savvy. A skilled cost accountant could make the difference between the failure and success of a business.

Government agencies, public accounting firms, and other organizations employ cost accountants. Some cost accountants may decide to start their own consulting business. It isn't uncommon for the professional to work on an independent basis once they become a cost accountant.


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