How do I Become a Copier Technician?

G. Wiesen

To become a copier technician it may be beneficial for you to begin by taking some classes in electronics to ensure a general understanding of such machines. While a copier company you work for will usually provide you with further training on the specific equipment the company manufactures or uses, general knowledge will help familiarize you with certain basic aspects of dealing with similar technology. You may want to consider certification or a two-year degree in electronics to help you get comfortable with taking electronic devices apart and using certain specialized tools for working with electronics. If you are looking to become a copier technician working with a specific brand of copier, you might also consider getting certification from the manufacturer of those devices.

Copier technicians provide service and support for copier machines.
Copier technicians provide service and support for copier machines.

Many technical schools and community colleges offer programs to become certified in working with electronics or to receive an associate’s degree in electronics. While this many not give you specific knowledge needed to become a copier technician, it can typically provide you with general knowledge about electronics and working with similar machines. Such schools might also offer classes in business to give you more of the skills you may want if you wish to open your own small business servicing copiers and other pieces of office equipment. Though you may prefer to work for another company, taking classes in business and communications can often help you when dealing with customers and helping future co-workers.

A copy technician must know how to operate different brands of copy machines.
A copy technician must know how to operate different brands of copy machines.

You may also want to decide at what sort of business you wish to become a copier technician. Some large corporations and offices will have copier technicians hired on and working within the company so as to always have a technician available. Other companies will usually pay a technician to come in only when a machine has a problem and they need the issue resolved. You might want to work for yourself in your own repair business while working on different types of machines. Or you may wish to work for a large company servicing only the machines that it manufactures.

Taking one of the many exams offered by groups such as the International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) to gain additional certification may also help you to become a copier technician. There are also many copier manufacturers that offer additional courses to become certified in repairing their specific machines. While such certification is rarely mandatory, it can often help you to have an advantage over other technicians who may not be as highly qualified as yourself.

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