How do I Become a Construction Site Manager?

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To become a construction site manager, you will need to have the necessary education as well as extensive field experience as a construction foreman or other construction position. Usually, such education comes in the form of a bachelor's and master's degree in construction science or architecture. Professional certification from a governing body will also be required. Certification as a project manager may also be useful as you seek to work as a construction site manager.

A bachelor's degree in construction science will be your initial step in becoming a construction site manager. University construction science programs offer comprehensive training in all the skills that a future construction manager will need to know, including surveying, budgeting, contract bidding, and scheduling. Estimating the cost of a potential project will be a huge part of your job. To become a construction site manager, you will need to pay particular attention to your undergraduate courses in finance and accounting in order to develop critical cost estimation skills.

As someone who wishes to work as a construction site manager, you should also consider obtaining a bachelor's degree in architecture. Architecture programs are more ubiquitous than construction science programs and are often more prestigious. As an architecture student, you will learn more about the theory behind design and how best to design structures under certain conditions. Due to the theoretical nature of this program, you should supplement your education with internship opportunities in field construction projects as an undergraduate student.


Obtaining your master's degree will be invaluable to you as you move forward in your goal to become a construction site manager. Graduate level programs in construction science or construction management allow you to focus your interests in a particular sector that requires high-level construction, such as real estate or the hotel and hospitality industries. These master's programs offer courses in business administration so that you develop key management skills needed to manage a team onsite.

After getting either a bachelor's or a master's degree, it will be necessary to get certification as a construction professional. Each country has its own professional organization for different types of construction personnel. In the United States, the Construction Management Association of America offers an exam for those who have studied extensively to become a construction site manager.

It may be helpful to get the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification as well. Construction site managers often manage large, industrial projects. PMP certification will further distinguish you as someone who has worked hard to earn all the training that may become useful to a construction site manager.


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