How do I Become a Computer Technician?

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In order to become a computer technician, candidates are required to have post-secondary eduction, work experience and specialized skills. A computer technician is responsible for the repair, maintenance and instillation of computer hardware and related equipment. The skills required for this type of position include problem solving, following instructions and communication skills.

Post-secondary eduction in computer technology is a requirements for anyone who wants to become a computer technician. There are two options: community college or university. The quality of the eduction you select is critical to your ability to become a computer technician. This type of job requires a significant level of expertise in very detailed technology. The cost of an error is very high.

Programs offered by a community or career college are usually two or three years in length. The first year covers standard material that is requires for all computer technicians. The following year(s) offer specialized courses in the different areas of computer technology.

University programs are four years long. They offer specialized training in computer science methodologies, advanced mathematics and structural requirements. A computer technician with a university degree can move into management jobs or design new technologies.


A community college program offers job placements. These opportunities provide valuable experience that is necessary in order to become a computer technician. Take the time to learn as much as possible in your job placement. The practical skills and the ability to apply your knowledge are critical to your success as a computer technician.

There are four kinds of computer technicians: repair, network, infrastructure and installation. Each type of technician requires specialized eduction and training. It is important to note that once you become a computer technician, you will need to keep up to date on the latest technological developments.

As a repair technician, training is required in the detailed schematics of laptop and computer hardware. Attention to detail and fine motor control is necessary to be successful in this position. Network technologists require training in both hardware and software.

Each of the specialized areas of computer technologies provides opportunities for career development, growth and steady employment. Select a technology that works with your skill sets and strengths. All technician jobs are hands on, requiring the use and development of special skills to physically complete the tasks required. New programs and hardware are developed all the time. A commitment to continuing eduction is part of being a computer professional.


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You may need to prepare yourself for the fact that you may have to work for free for quite some time initially. A friend of mine had Microsoft training courses under his belt and a degree and Masters in computer science but no one would hire him because he had no experience. But he built up a reputation by working for free and he's doing quite well for himself now.

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This article was very useful to me to find out about my career i wanted.

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this is great

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This article was very helpful, it gave the basic information that I wanted to find out about.

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