How Do I Become a Computer Operator?

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Requirements to become a computer operator vary depending on the employer. Many employers hire computer operators who have at least a high school degree and previous work experience in a computer or technology-related field. As policies and programs may vary dramatically from company to company, many employers offer training on the job for those who wish to become a computer operator.

Basic technical knowledge is usually necessary to become a computer operator. For example, knowledge of different operating systems is useful because one of the computer operator’s job duties is to monitor the function of mainframe computers. Knowledge of networking may also be helpful.

As technology has evolved, the need for computer operators has decreased because more and more of the work of a computer operator is done automatically. As the job market is becoming more competitive, it may be advantageous to receive additional education beyond high school. There are several options for this; both technical schools and community colleges offer degrees in different types of computer training. In addition, some computer manufacturing companies also offer training and workshops.

Another educational option is to pursue a bachelor's degree. This could be in a field such as software engineering, computer science, or information science, for example. Having a bachelor's degree can often assist a computer operator who may want to eventually advance to a managerial or higher-level position within a company.


Technology is constantly evolving, so it is important that a computer operator be adaptable to change. The willingness to take continuing education courses to stay current is an important characteristic to become a computer operator. Learning about more specialized areas of computer operations, such as automation software and programming, may also be useful.

Looking for jobs and studying job descriptions is another way to ensure that a person has the skills to become a computer operator. Computer operators can work in many industries, including finance, manufacturing, health care, and government. Looking at the similarities and differences among the different jobs can provide ideas of what other specialized skills or education may be needed to become a computer operator.

Attending technology job fairs and informational seminars is another option for someone who wants to become a computer operator. This is another way to learn about the different options and requirements to work in the field. It is also an opportunity to network with people who are already in the industry and may provide assistance when looking for a job.


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