How do I Become a City Treasurer?

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There are three ways to become a city treasurer, depending on the laws in the city of your choice. You can be elected, appointed, or hired. Regardless of the method your city uses to get its treasurer, you can take steps in your quest to get the job. Careful planning, proper education, and hard work apply to all three paths. Appealing to voters, council members, and city personnel departments will help you become a city treasurer.

To become a city treasurer in a city that elects candidates to the position, you will need to enter and run a political campaign. Your goal is to get more votes than anyone else running for the position. Check with your city charter to determine whether there is education, certification, or other requirements that you must meet before entering the race and be sure that you meet them so you are not disqualified. Winning a political race requires connecting with voters. You will knock on doors and talk to citizens, visit area businesses and request their support, and communicate with people through mail, campaign signs, telephone, and the Internet.

Emphasize the skill sets you possess that make you the best candidate for the treasurer job. Stress those skills in your speeches and written communication throughout the campaign. City council members should be approached to endorse your candidacy, as they have influence over their voting constituents. Place paid advertisements in area print publications, on television, and in bulk mailers.


An appointed position is viewed as a mini-election in that you will need the support of city officials to become a city treasurer. Appointed positions are typically voted on by the council or simply made by the city leader. In the weeks leading to the treasurer appointment, spend time with the decision maker and key people in the decision maker's professional life. Design social, political, and professional opportunities to showcase your commitment to the city and your desire to do the job.

A city that hires its treasurer creates the most competition for the position, as applicants from around the world can submit their resumes to the city. Make sure your resume stands out in professional experience and your love for the city itself. Highlight past work achievements that showcase your ability to think outside the box and solve problems. Be prepared to explain in the interview why you are the best-suited candidate for the job.


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