How Do I Become a Church Business Administrator?

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The desire to become a church business administrator may rise from a combination of religious and professional aspirations. In order to become a church business administrator you should have a solid experience in administration. You will also need to become connected with a church by becoming an active member of its congregation. Working as an administrator in the church will allow you to combine your religious views with your administrative talents.

One of the best ways to prepare to become a church business administrator is to complete studies in business administration. Your studies will help prepare you to handle a wide range of administrative tasks. If possible, you should gain experience by interning or volunteering to work as an assistant to an experienced church business administrator.

Administration is an essential component of the operation and growth of church and religious organizations. Churches often lack the markings of a traditional office environment but may still encompass the same functions. Although a church may have a nonprofit status, the collection of money is vital to the survival of the church and will affect the size of the congregation and the church’s ability to help the community. In order to effectively operate and grow, churches need qualified administrative professionals to handle tasks related to finance, membership growth and other administrative responsibilities. If you become a church business administrator you will have the charge of overseeing both the administrative and financial functions of the church.


To become a church business administrator you will need to have the skills to ensure business side of the church runs smoothly. You should possess experience in administration and have the ability to juggle several tasks at once. Depending on the size of the congregation, you might be responsible for a variation of tasks that could include contracting with vendors to overseeing the proper filing of tax returns.

At the core, churches are businesses. You will need to know how to manage a church budget and oversee the flow of cash in and out of the church. Having experience with accounting will be helpful when you become a church business administrator. This experience should include coordinating payments, creating a system for accounts receivable and preparing financial statements. There is a great deal of accountability expected from church administrators and the financial status of the church may need to be routinely reported to the pastor, priest or even the congregation.

Unlike most administrator positions, your religious views could very well be taken into account when you are seeking employment to become a church business administrator. Many churches prefer to hire from within the congregation to ensure the administrator can properly represent the beliefs and philosophies of the church. Working for a church organization that promotes a message you do not believe in can cause conflicts that could lead to an inability to effectively do your job.


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