How do I Become a Choreographer?

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Unlike becoming a doctor or a lawyer, there is no specific educational route an individual needs to take in order to become a choreographer. The general advice for someone who wants a choreography career is to immerse himself in dance, learning a variety of dance styles. Prospective choreographers must also develop a talent for coming up with their own dance ideas and learn how to effectively communicate their ideas to others. They may also do well to become knowledgeable about costumes and production design. Though a college degree is not required for most choreography positions, some aspiring choreographers do seek bachelor’s or master’s degrees in dance.

An individual who wants to become a choreographer typically immerses himself in dance and music, beginning at a very young age. He may take classes in many types of dance or focus on one type in particular. It is generally recommended that an individual interested in a choreography career gain training in various dance styles. Some of the dance styles an individual might pursue are modern, ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. Having a wide range of dance-style experience may make a choreographer more valuable to potential employers and help him create unique dance routines.


As a teen, an individual who wants to become a choreographer may find it helpful to audition for dance performance opportunities that are available to adolescents. This may include dance shows at school as well as those offered by community organizations. Local theater groups may provide teens with performance opportunities as well. Some dance companies may offer dance and performance training programs a teen can enroll in during summer vacations.

While earning a degree isn’t a requirement for a person who hopes to become a choreographer, some people choose to earn college degrees in dance. A degree may be primarily helpful for an individual who wants to teach dance in a high school or even a college. Those who do not earn college degrees should continue their dance training, keeping dance expression a regular part of their daily lives.

Getting started as a choreographer typically requires an individual to find work opportunities with dance companies or experienced choreographers. An individual may start out as an assistant to a choreographer or even as an intern. He may even gain experience by volunteering to help a dance teacher or choreographer. Eventually, he may have enough experience to begin applying for choreography jobs or even work his way up in the company at which he’s volunteered.


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