How do I Become a Chiropractic Assistant?

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A chiropractic assistant helps a chiropractor in day-to-day activities, from handling patients to answering phones and everything in between. Chiropractic facilities may have one or more chiropractic assistants, and those wishing to hold such assistant jobs should have a strong sense of teamwork and the ability to work well with others. Chiropractic assistants work with doctors, other assistants, X-ray technicians and family physicians throughout the course of any given day.

The first step to take in becoming a chiropractic assistant is finding a reputable school. Many chiropractic schools or trade schools offer a certification course for people who want to become a chiropractic assistant. These courses last an average of 12 to 18 weeks and teach the basic job skills needed. Higher education degrees for chiropractic assisting are also offered, and these range from two to four years to complete.

Some geographic locations require those wishing to become a chiropractic assistant to take an exam or obtain a license to practice. Even if a license is not mandatory, having one may result in more job opportunities and higher wages. Students and potential applicants should check with their local health departments or trade organizations to see if these things are compulsory.


After completing a solid education and training in anatomy, physiology and examination techniques, a person looking to become a chiropractic assistant should submit a resume or application to local chiropractic clinics or facilities. Speak with a trade organization specifically for chiropractic assistants if more help finding a job is required. Students should visit local chiropractic facilities to see if the atmosphere, ethics and business practices match with their vision of the kind of place where they would like to work.

To become a chiropractic assistant, students should learn every aspect of the job they will need to perform. Reception work, scheduling, client relations, fielding questions and explaining what they do should be second nature by the time students go to work in the field of chiropractic care. An assistant shouldn't just know what to do, but should also be able to explain it to someone with no prior knowledge of the field.


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