How do I Become a Chimney Sweeper?

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Due to the perceived messiness of the job, it seems few people want to become a chimney sweeper. It is a job that is often misunderstood and involves more than just cleaning soot from a chimney. Those who do wish to work as a chimney sweeper will have to learn about venting systems and fireplace structure. Specialist courses are available which can teach prospective chimney sweepers everything about the job with these programs and culminating in an exam. Qualified chimney sweepers should then be looking to join a union to receive benefits such as a reduction in liability insurance costs.

Cleaning a chimney is an overlooked part of maintaining a home. It is necessary to clean a chimney at least once a year to prevent creosote buildup and structural damage. With so much potential work available, there should be a large number of persons seeking to become a chimney sweeper; some are put off by the nature of the job, however. Yet being a specialist chimney sweeper is a lucrative profession and one that should be seriously considered as a career.


Those who decide to get a job as a chimney sweeper will have to learn everything about fireplaces as well as chimneys. The job mainly involves removing soot that has built up from fires, but there are other aspects to this form of employment. For example, chimney sweepers are also expected to know how to maintain different types of venting systems. They are also required to know if a chimney has sustained damage and is in need of repair.

There are numerous specialist courses which allow individuals to learn the skills necessary to become a chimney sweeper. These cover every aspect of the profession. Many countries have a dedicated Chimney Safety Institute or the equivalent which educates prospective chimney sweepers on the different facets of the job.

To become a chimney sweeper, it is usually necessary to take and pass a certified chimney sweep exam. In general, this examination will cover all areas relating to chimney sweeping including inspection, maintenance, and cleaning procedures. The prospective chimney sweeper will have to study for for the exam during the training program.

Anyone looking to become a chimney sweeper should also join a national guild. This is a union that helps its members by informing them about any changes in the law or regulations. Members generally also receive a discount on the price of their liability insurance. As an added bonus, members of the union have their name and contact details posted on the union’s website. This shows potential customers that a particular chimney sweeper is properly certified and/or licensed which in turn can increase business opportunities.


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