How do I Become a Celebrity Stylist?

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If you wish to become a celebrity stylist, you must first become an expert in many fields. You must have an eye for color, fashion, and hairstyles. This is just the beginning of the process, as you must also be extremely self-confident, adept at selling yourself and your services, and have the ability to deal with people from all walks of life. You must build contacts within the entertainment and fashion industries, network with reckless abandon, and be imbued with more than a small amount of luck.

Those who wish to become a celebrity stylist once simply dealt with hair colors and designs, but this is no longer the case. More times than not, the celebrity stylist is something of an overseer for all the personal services a celebrity might seek, hiring individuals such as hair stylists, fashion consultants, and sometimes even public relations personnel. You could well be dealing with stars of stage and screen, politicians, agents, movie or TV studios, clothing designers, make-up artists, and purveyors of fine jewelry. This is in addition to one-on-one sessions with the celebrity in question.


As is true with many professions, your quest to become a celebrity stylist will likely begin at the bottom. Assuming you have acquired the tools, skills and knowledge to be considered an expert on style, your best bet is to gain a name via working for others. You should seek employment at a renowned hair studio or a major fashion conglomerate. If you have been successful in this quest, you might next want to gain experience and notoriety by working as a hair or fashion artist in movies, television, or stage shows. It would also help – even if the position is little more than an internship – if you are hired by an agency that represents celebrities.

You should keep in mind that most people who hope to become a celebrity stylist never achieve that goal. Expertise is not enough, as you will be entering into a community that is insular and cliquish. Keep in mind at all times that you are promoting your own image, attempting to be noticed by those who might utilize your services. Your goal is to create your own name recognition, to develop your own mystique, to become accepted as an insider into a very small fraternity.

If you have been able to leap through all of these hoops, and established a substantial number of personal contacts, the time has come to hang out your shingle and attempt to become a celebrity stylist. If you acquire but one celebrity client, and he is pleased with your work, then you have managed to get your foot in a very important door. The prominence and abilities of a celebrity stylist are most often spread by word of mouth, and one happy client should lead to others.


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