How do I Become a Candlemaker?

Jessica Ellis

Making candles is a fun and interesting craft that can be learned as a hobby or cultivated into a professional trade. There is no set way to become a candlemaker, but many have backgrounds as artists or artisans. Learning to become a candlemaker is fun, easy, and even potentially lucrative.

There are many different methods of making candles.
There are many different methods of making candles.

Candlemaking is an ancient craft with a fascinating history. Before electricity, candles were a primary source of light, making the production of candles vital to many societies. Beeswax candles date back to Ancient Egyptian society, while clay candle holders dating back thousands of years have been excavated from archeological digs in China and India. Choosing to become a candlemaker joins an artisan to a traditional craft that has held a vital place throughout the history of civilization.

A candle.
A candle.

Many community centers, craft stores, and some colleges offer basic and advanced courses in how to become a candlemaker. In these classes, traditional and modern materials are used to learn a variety of ways to make candles. Students may learn how to work with candle materials, such as beeswax and soy wax, gels, and fragrances. Taking one or several of these classes will allow the novice to determine his or her level of interest and may be the first step on the path to become a candlemaker.

Not only are there many materials used in making candles, there are a variety of ways to shape and form the finished candle. Learning about candle molding, hand rolling, and pouring is an important part of learning how to become a candlemaker. In the process of learning the craft, the artisan can also develop a personal style and taste to make each candle a unique product.

Once basic skills are mastered and preferences are determined, a candlemaker can go professional by offering his or her products for sale. Although large candle companies exist, there is also a market for artisan works that make wonderful gifts or unique decor. Contact gift shops, health stores, local spas, and independent beauty suppliers to find buyers for candles. Some candlemakers set up stalls at craft sales, farmer's markets, or other local gathering spots to pedal their wares.

In the age of the Internet, one way to become a candlemaker professionally is to offer products through a website. Some website hosting services offer space for free, while others charge a monthly or yearly fee for use of web space. Internet-savvy sellers can set up the site alone, while others may want to hire a web design business to customize and create a perfect, professional page. Be sure to include beautiful photos of the products to help customers get a clear idea of what is offered.


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