How Do I Become a Cancer Center Director?

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A graduate degree and leadership skills are two key attributes an applicant needs to become a cancer center director. Managing a cancer center requires knowledge of the disease, effective communication skills, and a drive for researching new cancer cures. The director will work alongside other professionals to provide a safe and comfortable facility for those in need.

The first step along the pathway to become a cancer center director is earning an undergraduate and graduate degree, such as a master's degree. Most cancer center directors have degrees in public health administration or a related field of study. Earning a graduate degree of this type illustrates that the applicant fully understands patient care and management, as well as proper staffing within the facility for the best patient coverage.

Leadership skills are also important for those who want to become a cancer center director. The applicant must have effective communication skills and be well-spoken; this skill set directly affects how the center operates on a daily basis. As a cancer center director, workers must clearly understand your instructions while caring for specific cancer patients, especially if the disease is in its advanced stages. Nurses, assistants, and other medical professionals must see you as a knowledgeable director who cares for the employees and the patients for the best overall productivity.


Along with daily employee and patient care, you must have a background in medical research to continue the center's goal of curing cancer. The master's degree earned should reflect laboratory skills and understanding of cancer. A successful researcher can easily become a cancer center director, especially if he or she has new ideas for alternative cancer treatments. Conducting cancer research at the center helps bring in more monetary funds for patient care and employee salary relief.

People skills are another key requirement for those who want to become a cancer center director. Cancer patients are understandably under a lot of mental and physical pressure which requires a firm, but gentle bedside manner. Along with professionalism, the director should exude friendliness. This form of role modeling will inspire the other medical professionals within the center to act in a similar manner.

In addition to people skills, you should have a relaxed relationship with patients to become a cancer center director. Many patients may enjoy a simple story or conversation to ease their troubles. The director should not instruct the medical professionals to hurry patients through an examination for faster patient consultations. You should allow the workers to provide a calm environment during cancer treatment which can possibly help the patient overcome his or her ailment.


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