How Do I Become a Campaign Manager?

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Although there are many routes that you can take to become a campaign manager, most successful managers have a college degree and field experience. This is a highly competitive field, and you will need to have a variety of personality traits in addition to personalized campaign strategies. The responsibilities that accompany this profession will demand that you have leadership experience, and there are numerous extracurricular activities in the political community that can help you become a campaign manager. It is also important to follow as many campaigns, political related news, and media responses in order to observe this continuously evolving business.

Most potential campaign managers choose to work on at least a bachelor's degree in government, political science, or a related field. Although a degree is not necessarily a requirement to become a campaign manager, most people seeking a manager prefer a candidate who has a heavy political background, an impeccable academic history, and excellent personal references. You may want to consider a degree in political science in order to have a well-rounded academic background. Aside from general coursework, you may take courses in political theory, comparative politics, policy process, economic policy, social policy, and public relations.


Many universities offer internships in public affairs, and you should look into an internship by your second year of college in order to gain the needed experience to become a campaign manager. In addition to your course load and internships, you should enroll in several business administrative and financial courses. This profession may require that you organize fundraising events, and you may be expected to handle many financial aspects of the campaign. Volunteer work with campaigns will increase your chance to become a campaign manager because you will gain hands-on experience and be able to observe the various processes involved in running a campaign.

There are also lower level positions in the campaign business that can help you work towards your career goals. After college, experience will be extremely important to become a campaign manager, and you should become involved in as many campaign related activities as possible. You will need to have excellent communication skills to enter this profession because you will be corresponding with communities, a wide range of political professionals, and various other people involved with the campaign industry. Leadership skills are equally important because you will usually oversee marketing, advertising, fundraising, event planning, volunteer selection, and the success of your candidate.


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