How do I Become a Building Contractor?

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A person who wants to become a building contractor typically has to gain experience in the field. He’ll also often need working knowledge of building practices as well as adequate business skills. Usually, an aspiring business contractor develops a solid business plan that includes information about how he will operate and finance his business. In many places, an aspiring building contractor also needs licensing in order to pursue this career.

One of the most important steps a person can take to become a business contractor is securing experience in the industry. Many building contractors start out by working for an established contractor. It usually takes at least a few years to gain sufficient knowledge and skill to start this business, but this on-the-job training is considered vital.

An individual who wants to become a building contractor usually starts his own business. To get started, a person who wants to become a building contractor usually creates a business plan that details how he will start and run his business. His business plan usually includes important details about advertising his business and financing it as well. Creating a business plan not only provides the contractor with a guideline for running his business, but it can also help him secure loans and other types of business funding.


Getting licensed is another important step for someone who wants to become a building contractor. In most places, a building contractor can not run his business without securing a business license. Often, an individual has to complete an application and pay a fee in order to secure business licensing. In some places, an aspiring building contractor also needs special permits or contractor licensing in order to run his business. In such a case, an aspiring building contractor may have to pass an exam that covers such things as safety codes, fire protection systems, and building construction calculations.

Building contractors usually need insurance for their businesses. Most people in this business purchase large liability insurance policies to cover unforeseen circumstances. The regional board responsible for licensing contractors may be able to provide a list of jurisdiction-approved insurance companies.

Once a person has become a building contractor, he’ll need clients to pay for his services. He may create a Web site to serve as an advertising tool or place listings in local newspapers or telephone directories. Some businessmen find networking a valuable tool for spreading the word about their businesses as well. For example, joining business networks and professional associations can provide valuable contacts that translate into business leads.


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