How do I Become a Brazier?

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To become a brazier — i.e., a welder specializing in metals that have higher-than-average melting points — you can learn the basics in high school, at a two- or four-year college, at a private trade school, in an apprenticeship program, the military, or via on-the-job training. Welding technology classes vary in length depending upon the scope of the training. To become a brazier and get a welding license in the United States for example, you must be at least 18 years old, able to read and speak English, and show proof of having passed the required tests; other countries have similar requirements. The most successful braziers have an interest and a knack for mechanics, excellent manual dexterity, good eyesight, a steady hand, and are able to tolerate hot, dirty, and dangerous working conditions.

Welding technology programs can take two years to complete and may be offered in after-school or weekend occupational training programs. Classes to become a brazier are similar to those taken at trade school or technical college and include introductory welding and metallurgy, pipe welding, and advanced brazing. Brazier trainees also learn oxy-fuel welding, plasma cutting, job safety, and blueprint reading and disaster response training. A welding programs should be certified by the regulatory agency or professional association in the area in which the school is located.


To learn the brazier specialty through an union apprenticeship program, students may work as welders on the job during the day and go to class at night. Applicants to a metalworking program may be required to pass an aptitude test and a physical exam as part of the admission process. Apprenticeships generally last three or four years. Apprentices usually get paid during their training.

To become a brazier in most areas, you must also demonstrate your brazing abilities to a certified and approved welder. In addition to demonstrating how to create correctly welded seams, you will also need to identify welds that are properly made from welds that are not. You may also be required to pass a written exam. According to the American Welding Association, certification in the United States is voluntary, but some areas do require this certification in order to obtain a welder's license. Once you have passed your welding test, you can go to the licensing agency in your area, complete the application for a license, present documentation of passing a welding test if any, and pay the licensing fee.


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