How do I Become a Birth Injury Attorney?

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When a child is injured because of improper prenatal care or complications during the delivery process, parents have the right to pursue legal action. Most families will turn to a birth injury attorney for help with their case. To become a birth injury attorney, it is necessary to follow the basic steps needed to practice personal injury law, including graduating from law school and passing a professional exam. No advanced training is required to handle birth injury claims, but many birth injury attorneys find that a specialized background in medicine and nursing is helpful.

The path to a career as a birth injury lawyer begins with a degree from an accredited university. There often are no specific undergraduate curriculum requirements for entry to law school, and students can pursue a variety of undergraduate majors while obtaining their degree. Competition for admission to law school is intense, but a high grade-point average and strong performance on admissions tests can improve the chances of acceptance.

Law school is generally completed over the course of three years. Students who want to practice birth injury law will need to complete general education coursework during the first two years of study. Later, they can take advantage of the medical malpractice courses offered through their school to become more familiar with the specialty. Applying for an internship with a law firm that handles birth injury claims is also a good way to prepare for a career in birth injury law.


In many countries, law school graduates must pass a certification exam before they can become a birth injury attorney. For many law school graduates, finding a position with an established law firm is the best way to gain experience. Attorneys who want to practice birth injury law can acquire significant expertise in their field simply by working on birth injury cases with other knowledgeable lawyers and medical experts.

Despite the fact that birth injury is a complex area of law, a medical background is not necessary to become a birth injury attorney. Some of the most sought-after birth injury attorneys have a background as a healthcare professional, but on-the-job legal training can be just as valuable for a birth injury lawyer. Continuing education is also a good idea for anyone who wants to become a birth injury attorney. Familiarity with medical terminology also can be valuable when handling complex birth injury claims.


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