How do I Become a Banquet Server?

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To become a banquet server you should try to get experience in some form of food service industry, especially something like waiting tables, and find locations near you that need servers. Typically, special classes or education are not a requirement to become a banquet server, though if you are looking to move up in the industry or own your own business, then a degree in business or restaurant management and hospitality may help you. Having a clean, professional appearance and being able to communicate well during an interview are also going to help you become a banquet server.

Most banquets are held for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and rites of passage such as bar mitzvahs and quinceaǹƒeras. These events are often held at a banquet hall or hotel, and these types of places are where you may want to start looking to become a banquet server. If you have prior food service experience, such as bartending or waiting tables, then you may have an advantage. Any form of customer service experience, however, can be helpful, as you will be able to provide evidence of a work history that has given you opportunities for working with the public and handling potentially stressful customer service situations.


While many facilities that hire a person will provide training, there are some basic aspects of banquet serving that could be beneficial for you to know before you go into an interview. Unlike normal waiting jobs, banquet service is about serving large groups of people at multiple tables simultaneously. The serving is often performed as a group effort, and so being able to work with other people can often be a requirement to become a banquet server. Service is typically performed with food served from the left side of a customer, and as courses progress this continues with previous dishes removed on the right side of the customer.

You will likely be expected to help in setting tables before customers arrive, so learning about how to properly set and arrange a table can also be helpful. Practice setting up different food services, know the various utensils and dish types, and understand how all of this comes together to form a table setting. Much of this information can be found on various websites throughout the Internet and a little research on your part might give you the edge over someone else looking to become a banquet server. Be sure to dress nicely and maintain personal grooming when you go to interviews and once you have a position as a server, since most customers want to receive their food from someone who looks clean and healthy.


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