How Do I Barbecue Potatoes?

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There are several ways to barbecue potatoes. For a baked potato taste, these starchy vegetables can be rubbed with oil wrapped with aluminum foil and placed on the barbecue. When you want a seasoned potato taste, the potatoes can be sliced, seasoned, and placed directly on the barbecue or, alternatively, cubed, seasoned, and placed on the grill while wrapped in aluminum foil. There are a variety of good herbs that can be used to season barbecue potatoes.

When you want barbecue potatoes to have a baked potato taste, you should select a starch potato, such as a russet, goldrush, or long white. For grilling, it is also best to select potatoes that are medium in size or about the size of a baseball. The traditional giant steakhouse baked potatoes will take too long on the barbecue.

For baked-style barbecue potatoes, the skins should be left on while cooking. As the potatoes are grown under the soil, you will need to thoroughly wash the potatoes, scrubbing away the dirt using a vegetable brush. Next, poke a few holes in the skin and coat the skin with oil. Finally, wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and place them on a medium-heat grill for one hour, turning the potatoes every 15 minutes.


For seasoned barbecue potatoes, you should use a boiling or waxy potato, such as a round white, red or yellow; red bliss; or ruby crescent. Try to select potatoes that are about the size of a golf ball and are all roughly the same size. Thoroughly wash all the potatoes by scrubbing the skins clean. One way of grilling seasoned potatoes is to quarter them to make wedges. Coat the wedges with oil and seasoning and then place them directly onto a medium-heat grill. Cook the wedges on each side for about two to three minutes and then move the potatoes off to the side of the barbecue and cook an additional eight to ten minutes or until the potatoes are tender.

Small boiling potatoes can also be cooked in aluminum foil packets. Cut the potatoes into half-inch (1.3-cm) cubes after washing. Oil and season the potato cubes and then wrap and seal them in aluminum foil. The foil packet can be placed on a medium-heat grill for about 30 minutes. Check the tenderness of the potatoes after 30 minutes before the grill is turned off.

Olive oil, vegetable oil, or butter are good oils to use when cooking potatoes. Seasonings that are good on potatoes include, basil, rosemary, and onion powder. Bacon and cheese can be added to the cubed boiling potato packets for a rich flavor.


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