How do I Avoid Foot Pain from Running?

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While running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, in some cases it can result in serious foot pain. In order to prevent foot pain from running, it is important to keep some basic guidelines in mind. First, runners must be sure to start with the right pair of running shoes. Exercising in shoes that do not adequately support the foot is a surefire way to cause major foot pain. Focusing on running technique and maintaining an ideal body weight are also important ways to prevent foot pain from running. Those who link their foot pain to excessive body weight should consult with their physician in order to determine their ideal body weight.

One of the most important ways to prevent foot pain from running is to start with the right pair of running shoes. Athletes who are concerned about foot pain should seek assistance from sales associates in high quality shoe stores that are skilled in gait analysis. Typically, these individuals will require customers to walk or run on a treadmill in order to determine exactly what type of running shoes will work best. Runners should be sure to make a purchase based on recommendations from the sales associate and how the shoe feels, and not based only on the appearance, brand, or price of the shoe.


Runners who are interested in preventing foot pain from running should also remember to keep their body weight in the right range. Some specific types of foot pain that occur during running, especially pain associated with plantar fasciitis, are usually caused specifically by weight gain. Individuals who experience new foot pain or an increase in pain after weight gain should consider dropping the pounds as soon as possible. Runners who do believe that their foot pain is based on weight gain should consult with their primary care physician in order to determine and maintain the weight that is right for them.

In order to prevent foot pain from running, athletes should be sure to focus on their technique. For best results, runners should keep their spines straight, heads up, and eyes focused on the ground a few feet in front of their body. Runners should also keep their feet relatively low to the ground, as lifting them too high can put a major strain on the muscles and joints of the lower body. Paying special attention to arm movement is also essential in the prevention of arm pain during running. Ideally, arms should move easily back and forth.


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