How Do I Avoid Estradiol Side Effects?

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There is no way to ensure that you will completely avoid estradiol side effects if you take the medication, but you do have preventive measures available so you that can lower your risk of experiencing them. Like most medications, there are many side effects that you can potentially encounter when you take estradiol. Some of these side effects are also symptoms of serious medical conditions and, if they occur, you should seek immediate medical attention. In general though, you can try to avoid estradiol side effects by talking to your doctor about your medical history before using the medication by regularly visiting your doctor for checkups during treatment, and even by making some lifestyle changes if necessary.

Before taking estradiol, tell your physician about previous medical conditions or any other medications you take. This is because there is always the possibility that they might interfere with estradiol and have an impact on your side effects. Estradiol itself is a hormone and hormones can increase risk of certain side effects. If you have a medical condition, such as high blood pressure, that also increases your risk of developing blood clots, your doctor needs to know about it to ensure the safety of prescribing estradiol for your condition.


During treatment, you should visit your doctor regularly, as well as when you suspect something troubling with your condition. When you take estradiol, you will usually meet with your doctor every six months to discuss your treatment and whether or not your condition requires you to continue with it. In addition, you should also have your regular breast exam or mammogram done. Seeing your doctor enables him or her to assess your overall condition and how well your body is responding to the medication. At this time, you also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns or side effects you might have, and can receive changes in dosage or treatment plans, if any, to better fit your specific condition.

Estradiol side effects vary and include abdominal pain or swelling, abnormal vaginal bleeding and calf or chest pain. While you might not be able to control or stop some estradiol side effects from occurring, you might want to talk to your doctor about making any lifestyle changes that can reduce your chances of acquiring certain ones. For example, higher doses of estradiol increase the possibility of blood clots. If you smoke cigarettes, you might want to consider quitting as smoking can increase your risk of developing blood clots as well.


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