How do I Avoid a Second Miscarriage?

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A second miscarriage may be avoided by taking steps to ensure that you are healthy before you conceive and while you are pregnant. To do this, you should address any medical issues you have. Try not to engage in bad habits, such as smoking or using street drugs. Also, live a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising.

In most cases, a miscarriage is considered unpreventable. The cause is rarely uncovered. Considering this, it is difficult to determine what actions can be taken to prevent a second miscarriage. This should not lead you to have feelings of doom or hopelessness about a subsequent pregnancy, however, because according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), most women have successful pregnancies following a miscarriage.

There are some conditions that could increase your chances of a second miscarriage. Among them, UMMC lists diabetes and thyroid disorders. If you have any long-term conditions, you should consult your doctor to make sure they are being managed in a way that is conducive to a successful pregnancy.

Infections of all sorts may also increase your chances of a second miscarriage. This includes those that are caused by parasites and those that are sexually transmitted. If you believe you are infected, you should seek and complete treatment before trying to become pregnant.


There are certain habits you may need to address if you want to avoid a second miscarriage. For example, you may want to stop smoking cigarettes. It is wise to stop drinking alcoholic beverages. If you have been taking street drugs, you should stop when you are trying to conceive or if you find out you are pregnant.

Remember that a baby gets its nutrients from its mother. If you are not taking in the sufficient amounts of the nutrients your baby needs to develop, the effects could be fatal. Make sure you eat enough of the foods you need. Also, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget that pregnant women are usually advised to exercise.

You also need to consider your age when worrying about a second miscarriage. When a woman gets into the range of 35 to 40 years old, her chances of experiencing an unsuccessful pregnancy increase. This means that if you are in that age bracket or older, it is even more essential for you to take heed of all sound advice about how to be healthy during pregnancy.


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