How Do I Arrange a Live Web Conference?

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There are a variety of ways to arrange a live web conference for business or for family and friends. Be sure there are no conflicts in schedule with guests by choosing a date and time that works for all involved. A web conference should not be a spontaneous decision, so plan it carefully. If you plan to use a professional web conferencing service, ask for recommendations. Alternately, you may choose to use a web conferencing software package. If you are planning to do a video web conference, be sure each of your guests has a computer with a working web camera.

If you use a web conferencing software program, get the best deal by researching online and comparing prices. Read reviews or ask your guests to sample the program and offer their input. If you host live web conferences monthly, some services charge a monthly fee. A software program also needs to be easy to use, especially for those who are new to live web conferencing.

Before you arrange your first live web conference, be sure all participants are prepared. Speak with guests beforehand to determine they each have a compatible web browser installed that will work with the conferencing software you'll be using. Learn what other computer requirements are involved and inform your guests.


Before the live web conference takes place, be certain there are no flaws or glitches in the software. Do this by watching a video demo before you commit to buying the program. If your live web conference is for business, you need to assemble your paperwork, data, and other pertinent information together before you begin to avoid the awkward situation of having to excuse yourself from the conference to look for your work.

Be sure you hold your web conference in a quiet location. Choose a room free of distractions. This means no noisy children or pets in the area while the conference takes place.

It's important to ensure security and safety for everyone participating in the conference. This means having a good anti-virus and anti-spyware program installed on your computer. If you have a firewall installed, you might need to modify settings to unblock the conferencing software. Some web conferencing software programs may come with anti-virus and anti-spyware protection pre-installed. To be sure there is no conflict with existing programs you have on your computer, you might need to disable your anti-virus program.


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