How do I Amend Articles of Incorporation?

Kristie Lorette

Whether it is to change the address of the business or the name of one of the officers on the articles of incorporation, from time to time, you might need to amend the articles of incorporation for a business. To amend articles of incorporation, start by contacting the government agency that handles the incorporation of businesses where you live. You can do this by visiting an office, going to the agency's website or by calling the agency on the phone. To amend articles of incorporation, you then will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and you might need to pay a fee.

Amend articles of incorporation when filing an annual report.
Amend articles of incorporation when filing an annual report.

The specific process you must go through to amend articles of incorporation will depend on the agency where you live. The fees that you must pay, if any, also will vary from place to place. A conversation with a representative from the appropriate government agency will provide you with the answers you need regarding the documents that must be submitted and the fees that you must pay.

If you are trying to amend articles of incorporation when it is near the time to file your annual report, then you might be able to make adjustments at this time without having to incur any additional fees. In many places, you must file an annual report within the first three months of the year. This gives you an opportunity to update the information about the corporation and amend the articles of incorporation, if necessary.

The corporation's local or regional government might send a reminder to alert the company about how to file an annual report online, or it might send out a form in the mail that must be completed and submitted. You might have to pay a fee to file the annual report, but it does allow you to accomplish two goals at one time and paying only one fee when you amend articles of incorporation at the same time you file the annual report.

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