How do Experts Test for Dyslexia?

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There are various ways that experts may test for dyslexia. There are dyslexia tests designed for children and adults. Ways to test for dyslexia include online testing that may be done free of charge. Some experts, however, have expressed concern over whether online testing is as accurate as one-on-one testing performed by an educational instructor. There are screenings for dyslexia that involve speech, language, and reading as part of comprehensive testing.

Participating in a memory test for dyslexia may be one of the first steps a child is recommended to take. This is because many children who are dyslexic have difficulty memorizing random information. Memory tests may involve a series of random questions pertaining to various subjects or topics. Memory games may be part of testing for preschool aged children.

Tests involving writing and motor skills may be other types of dyslexia assessment. This may involve obtaining several samples of the subject's handwriting. Studying how the student forms sentences and where any difficulties lie may help with diagnosis.

Math testing on several levels may be another way of testing for dyslexia. An entry level or basic math quiz may be given to young students, while older students may be required to take a more advanced math test. Very young children may be given tests involving basic counting.


Phonics and reading tests may be conducted to help determine a diagnosis of dyslexia. Having the student read aloud may be part of the process. In certain tests, special recording equipment may be used. Playback of speech to evaluate structure and difficulty in speech patterns may be a method of testing. Phonics testing may involve several aspects, with various levels for different age groups.

Cognitive testing for dyslexia may be conducted on children of all ages who are suspected of having dyslexia. Similar to an intelligence quotient (IQ) test, these tests typically will not involve mathematical questions. Tests to determine logic, reasoning, and coordination may also be a fundamental part of the program. Speech comprehension testing may be another type of test for dyslexia.

Testing for dyslexia may be part of a special education program or performed at a developmental learning center that specializes in this disorder. There may be local chapters of a dyslexia association that provide testing and help for those diagnosed with this learning disorder. Many public schools cannot offer testing, although recommendations may be made if a teacher suspects a problem.


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