How do Doctors Use Progesterone for Men?

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Progesterone is commonly known as one of the primary sex hormones in women. Many people do not realize that this hormone is vitally important in both men and women. In fact, the male hormone known as testosterone is actually produced from progesterone. For that reason, many men who suffer from low testosterone levels also have low levels of progesterone in the body. Low progesterone in men may lead to problems such as joint problems, erectile dysfunction, or a loss of libido. Doctors therefore use progesterone supplements to address these and other issues.

Low levels of progesterone are believed to be a leading cause of prostate problems in men. This may be due to the fact that both the prostate gland in men and the uterus in women stem from the same type of cells. Some scientists believe that maintaining appropriate testosterone and progesterone levels may prevent many cases of prostate cancer.

Routine blood tests can often detect low levels of progesterone, although saliva tests are often performed as well. The use of progesterone for men is relatively common, and supplements can often be purchased without a prescription. Progesterone for men is available in the form of capsules or creams and is typically formulated from natural herbal ingredients.


When considering the use of progesterone for men, it is important to consult with a doctor to make sure that the progesterone levels are actually lower than normal. Too much progesterone may lead to other health issues, including infertility. In fact, some men actually use progesterone as a natural contraceptive, even though this should not be considered to be completely reliable on its own.

Creams are the most commonly used forms of progesterone for men. Some of the typical ingredients in these creams include herbs such as saw palmetto, ginseng, and pumpkin seed oil. The natural forms of progesterone found in these creams are usually derived from the wild yam, also known as dioscorea barbasco. This type of progesterone for men is applied to soft areas of skin such as the testes. The enclosed directions should be followed carefully to ensure that the appropriate amounts of this hormone are delivered into the body.

Oral forms of progesterone for men are preferred by some men, so capsules are also available. If progesterone levels are only slightly reduced, an herbal supplement that also includes other herbs that have been shown to support prostate health may be appropriate. In men who have a significant reduction in this important hormone, prescription-strength medications may be needed. It is very important to follow the advice of a physician when trying to determine the type of progesterone for men that will be the most appropriate for the individual.


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Progesterone cream has a wide range of uses from hormone replacement therapy to improving mood. The cream can also be used to treat bloating, tender breasts, a lack of sex drive, tiredness, lumpy boobs, headaches, low blood sugar, increased blood clotting, infertility, irritability, memory loss, miscarriages, brittle bones, PMS symptoms, thyroid problems, fibroids or myomas in the uterus and weight gain.

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