How Did the Town of Dish, Texas, Get Its Name?

In an age of naming rights run amok, where corporate America puts its name on everything from arenas to major sporting events, it should be no surprise to learn that a town in rural northern Texas changed its name to Dish in 2005 in exchange for free satellite TV service from the Dish Network. And so, residents of the town enjoy basic service and a free DVR -- nearly 200 channels, enough for every one of the 200 or so residents of Dish (officially DISH, in all capital letters).

The 10-year agreement was meant to expire in 2015. The town's mayor wants to extend the deal, but there are town commissioners who'd rather see the named revert back to Clark, Texas, which was named for Landis Clark, town founder and its first mayor. Some say bad blood during the mayoral election of 2005, when Clark lost the election by a single vote, prompted the name change in the first place.

Deep in the heart of Texas:

  • Odd names for places in Texas are fairly common. There's Cut and Shoot, Ding Dong and Bug Tussle, to name just a few.

  • While basic TV service is free, Dish residents still have to pay for HBO and other premium channels.

  • Most residents do not use Dish as their mailing address, preferring Justin, Texas, instead.

More Info: New York Times

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