How Common is Dry Mouth During Pregnancy?

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Dry mouth during pregnancy is a fairly common condition and it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Since the metabolism is faster during pregnancy, this can cause water to move through the body faster, especially when combined with frequent urination. Additionally, the body absorbs more water because blood flow increases dramatically in pregnant women. These things can both cause dehydration to occur more quickly than in women who are not pregnant. A dry mouth can also be a sign of gestational diabetes, a condition which affects roughly 2 to 10% of pregnant women.

Nearly all women are susceptible to dry mouth during pregnancy unless they remain adequately hydrated at all times. This can be difficult to do since the combination of frequent urination, vomiting, and a faster metabolism can lead to dehydration easily. Being dehydrated is a frequent cause of dry mouth in all individuals. Drinking more fluids can usually solve the problem.

It is necessary for people to drink plenty of fluids even if they don’t feel thirsty because, by the time thirst is felt, the body is already dehydrated. Water and clear juices are the best beverages to drink for maintaining hydration, and sodas and other caffeinated drinks should be avoided. If dry mouth persists, this could be indicative of an underlying condition.


Between 2 and 10% of all pregnant women may experience dry mouth related to gestational diabetes. This a condition which causes high blood sugar due to hormones in the placenta affecting the way insulin processes glucose. It is treated using a combination of diet and exercise and usually resolves itself once the baby is born. Dry mouth and extreme thirst are both symptoms of the disorder.

Only a medical professional can definitively diagnose gestational diabetes. Tests are performed to detect blood sugar levels both before and after drinking a solution that is heavy in sugar. If measurements remain high, it is confirmed that the woman is diabetic.

Other pregnant women may experience a dry mouth due to medications being taken, since various prescription drugs can cause it as a side effect. Although not generally serious, it can be bothersome and should be reported to a health care professional. Alternate medications may be given if available or the dosage may be changed.


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Post 3

@Eli222- I think dry mouth could be a sign of pregnancy, but it could also be a sign of other things, like diabetes. If it continues you should see your doctor, in case it’s something serious.

You might also want to take a pregnancy test, just in case. If you are pregnant, you’ll want to get prenatal care started right away so that you and your baby are taken care of.

Post 2

I've had a really dry mouth for about two weeks now. Nothing seems to help and I think it's getting worse. I don't get my periods regularly, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, so it's possible I could be pregnant. I haven't taken a pregnancy test.

Is dry mouth a sign of pregnancy?

Post 1

I experienced dry mouth when I was pregnant. I had an especially dry mouth at night. My OB ran tests for gestational diabetes which all came back negative. It was finally concluded that it was just one of my unique symptoms of pregnancy, and probably due to hormone changes.

The best advice I have for dry mouth sufferers is to suck on candies or suckers. And the more tart, the better. I kept lemon drops in my purse at all times.

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