How Common Are Tattoos?

It is estimated that 15% of all people in the United States, or more than 45 million people, have tattoos. Tattoos tend to be more common among younger age groups, with an estimated 40% of Americans age 18-29 having at least one tattoo and about 20% of them having more than one. In one study, 17% of tattooed people said they regretted getting a tattoo, with the most common reason being that the tattoo included another person's name.

More about tattoos:

  • In 1936, 6% of Americans — about 8 million people at the time — had tattoos, according to a Life magazine poll.

  • About 70% of tatooed Americans age 18-29 have the tattoos on parts of their bodies that can be easily covered by clothing.

  • Cases of hepatitis are 300% more likely to be caused by a procedure at a dental office than at a tattoo studio, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The organization has not had any reported cases of HIV transmissions from tattoos since it started recording statistics in 1985.

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