How can I Work and Study Abroad?

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One of the best ways to work and study abroad is to take part in an established program that places people in academic and professional situations abroad. Some of these programs specialize only in studying abroad while others mainly focus on helping people to find work abroad. There are a few programs that help people to both work and study abroad at the same time. These are the best programs for people who want to earn money while studying abroad. The more established the work and study abroad program, the more likely it is that people who participate in the program will have a positive experience both in terms of their academic and professional work.

For students who are currently studying at a college or university, a good place to start is the career counseling office. This campus office is likely to have information for students who want to work and study abroad. Also, the seasoned counselors are likely to have knowledge about many of the available programs and will be able to steer students toward programs that might offer them the most benefit. In some cases, there are programs where students can gain work experience while studying abroad by taking part in an internship in their fields. There are some study abroad programs that do not allow students to work while they are studying, so it is important to make sure that working is allowed before applying to a study abroad program.


For anyone who is not enrolled at a college or university, there are a number of online resources for people who are looking to work and study abroad. Before beginning the search, it is important to consider if one's time will be spent evenly between working and studying or if one of the two will be afforded the most amount of time. For example, someone who is looking to complete a master's degree abroad but also wants to be able to make a bit of money while studying might want to look for a program where they can study and also get a local or campus job to help offset the cost of the academic experience. On the other hand, someone looking to make a decent salary while gradually earning credits toward a degree will probably want to focus on getting a job in an area near a college or university that offers the degree.


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Post 3

@pastanaga - I hate to say it, but that is often true of volunteers who go through programs as well. They are usually young and doing something they are not qualified to do, like building houses or working with animals, and they end up causing more problems than they solve. Basically they volunteer at an orphanage or something and the people there put up with them in order to get financial benefits.

I actually don't think anyone should do those short term volunteering programs unless they are being recruited for a specific skill. You do just as much good as a tourist and if you are an ethical tourist you will probably do less harm, plus you get a better chance of meeting people without the stigma that must be attached to the idea that you're a volunteer there to help "save" them.

Post 2

@clintflint - That might be true for people who are working in a professional capacity, but I don't think it's ever going to be true for people who are at university abroad or who are volunteering. You definitely want the safety net of a committed and reliable organization looking after you both before and during that kind of adventure.

For one thing, doing an exchange through university programs is going to be a lot cheaper than paying international rates at another university. And as for volunteering, you could end up doing more harm than good if you try to find your own work over there.

Post 1

I think that programs are wonderful and they can certainly be a very good way for professionals to begin their journey in another country but don't take for granted that they are going to get you the best deal. In China, for example, they often treat the programs like a part time job and only give participants the minimum number of hours they need to be in the country.

But there are always going to be other opportunities around for people who know their business, whether that is teaching or something else. I would definitely make contact with others in a similar situation and see what they've done to expand their opportunities.

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