How Can I Use Homeopathy for Stress?

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Alternative medicine and homeopathy for stress are an option for many. Using homeopathy for stress often includes the use of herbal remedies in conjunction with behavior modification. While there are other types of homeopathy for stress related issues, it's best to seek the advice of a medical expert before experimenting with homeopathic remedies. Physicians who practice alternative and holistic medicine can give you guidelines.

Stress is a blanket term for many emotional and physical health issues, therefore a holistic doctor will most likely try to determine what is causing your stress. Homeopathy does not merely involve treating your symptoms, but it involves treating the underlying cause. For instance, if you have become stressed from being overworked, you might benefit from taking a break from your job or learning how to pace yourself. Proper nutrition and adequate rest may also be incorporated into your homeopathic plan. The holistic approach may include ways to manage stress through techniques such as yoga or meditation.

If you find that stress has contributed to hypertension, alleviating stress may also reduce your blood pressure. Homeopathy for stress may be as simple as incorporating an exercise routine into your schedule, or using herbal supplements known to promote relaxation and well being. In addition, your holistic doctor may also recommend behavioral therapy, or meditation.


Homeopathy for stress may include the use of remedies such as arsenicum album. These may be in the form of capsules, tablets, or lozenges, and are often sold at health food stores. Other stress-relieving remedies include herbal teas such as chamomile, which is known to induce relaxation. Before taking any homeopathic remedy, you need to consider potential side effects and possible interaction with medications you are currently taking. Discuss this with your physician or ask a pharmacist about necessary precautions.

Your holistic doctor may also recommend a psychological assessment and profile. The assessment may consist of a series of questions pertaining to how you handle stressful situations, and what areas cause you the most stress. This can help determine the most effective way to manage your stress.

For learning effective ways to use homeopathy for stress, do online research. Your local library can also provide information on holistic doctors and homeopathic treatment. Read as many books as you can find on the topic of homeopathy, and how it is used to treat stress-related issues. In addition, try to attend seminars given by holistic doctors and experts in this field.


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Post 3

@Talentryto- That's a good point. I know for a fact that eating a diet that includes fish, fruits, and vegetables helps to clear and relax the mind. This is most likely because getting proper nutrients helps to reduce stress levels.

Post 2

@heavanet- Homeopathic remedies for stress that include dietary changes are often all that stressed-out people need. The role of healthful diets is underestimated in my opinion, and foods that are heavy in sugar, grease, and empty carbohydrates often increase tendencies for individuals to be stressed.

Post 1

I think that this article provides a lot of good information about natural options for dealing with stress that many people may not know about. Homeopathic remedies such as herbal teas and exercise may work great for some people, especially those who have side effects to commonly-prescribed stress medications.

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