How can I Use Cimetidine for Warts?

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To use cimetidine for warts, you should ask your doctor first how much you can safely take. The amount of cimetidine needed to effectively remove warts is typically higher than what is normally recommended for treating stomach ulcers and excess stomach acid, which are problems the medicine was initially created to treat. In addition to checking with your doctor, you should make sure that you have warts and not some other problem because there are other types of skin lesions that might be mistaken for warts. Once your doctor has determined the amount of cimetidine for warts that you can take and you know that your problem is warts and not something else, you can begin taking the medication daily as often as your doctor recommends to get rid of your warts.


Cimetidine is available under many different brand names, and doctors normally prescribe it for stomach acid problems. Many people who took medicines containing cimetidine began to notice that their warts cleared up along with their stomach acid, and at that point doctors began to recognize its effectiveness for wart removal. As of 2011, cimetidine is not officially approved for the use of wart removal, and further testing will need to be done before it is. Even though the drug hasn't been officially approved as of 2011, doctors often advise their patients to take it for their warts. In most cases, doctors recommend cimetidine for wart removal in adults because the safety of the medicine for use in wart removal on children has not been determined.

You might want to consider using topical wart removal products in addition to taking cimetidine for warts. Topical products, particularly those containing salicylic acid, might speed along the wart removal process when used in conjunction with cimetidine. Salicylic acid, which is often available in adhesive pad form, can effectively burn warts off your skin. Even though this acid normally works well for wart removal, you might want to be careful using it because it can burn healthy skin along with the warts. You should discontinue use of any products containing salicylic acid if your skin becomes severely irritated.

If your doctor approves the use of cimetidine for warts, be very careful and pay attention to how the drug affects you. Any odd side effects should be promptly reported to your doctor. You should also keep in mind that you might not notice an improvement in your warts right away. Many people take cimetidine for warts for roughly six to eight weeks before they notice any improvement. If your warts have not improved within six to eight weeks, it is probably safe to assume that the medicine is not going to work for you.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- I've heard that cimetidine works better as a flat wart treatment. It's not as effective on raised warts. I don't think that there is an established dose because the medication was never formulated for this purpose. Did you ask your doctor about the dose?

I think that cimetidine is a hit or miss. It works for some and doesn't work for others. Doctors are not even sure how it works for warts. Somehow it helps the immune system target the HPV virus.

Post 2

I used cimetidine for a common wart but it didn't work. I took it for a long time too but I'm not sure if the dose was right.

Post 1

My husband had a stubborn plantar wart and he had tried so many treatments and remedies for it. Nothing he tried worked. Then, a family acquaintance who is a doctor mentioned cimetidine. Our family doctor prescribed it and it worked wonders. The plantar wart disappeared in eight weeks. He had to take a high dose, but there weren't any side effects and the wart hasn't returned. I think cimetidine is simply fantastic.

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