How can I Treat my Child's Diaper Rash?

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Dealing with diaper rash is something that every parent is familiar with. Fortunately there are some simple ways to help alleviate diaper rash, and ensure your child is comfortable and happy.

One of the main reasons that diaper rashes can occur is due to the fact that a child is not changed and cleaned soon after soiling the diaper. While baby wipes are excellent for quick cleaning when not at home, nothing beats a quick cleaning with simple soap and water. After washing the child pat the skin dry with a clean soft cloth. If at all possible, allow the child to go without a diaper for thirty minutes or so. Allowing the skin to enjoy a final round of air-drying will help keep the moisture balance within reasonable limits.

Another contributing factor to recurring diaper rash may be the type of diaper that is used. Many parents prefer to purchase disposable diapers, since they tend to be more absorbent, and certainly are more convenient than cloth diapers. However, the rash may be partially due to an allergic reaction to the man-made materials used for disposable brands. If you suspect that may be part of the problem, try switching to cloth diapers for several days.


Along with allergies to disposable diapers, the origin of the diaper rash could be the soap that is used to bathe the baby, or one of the chemicals in the baby wipes. Switching to other brands that contain different ingredients may decrease both the severity and the frequency of diaper rash outbreaks.

Dry skin will be further irritated by the presence of urine, resulting in diaper rash. Protect the skin by using an ointment after bathing the baby. Make sure to use a brand of diaper ointment that includes zinc oxide, but be sure to avoid any lotion or ointment that includes boric acid or camphor.

For cases where diaper rash is not easily alleviated by changing materials and cleaning agents, consult your pediatrician. There are several excellent prescription ointments and creams on the market today that may be ideal for helping to lessen the incidence of diaper rash for your baby.


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Post 3

My friend's ex-wife keeps putting Desitin (zinc oxide) on her 5 and 8 year old girls vaginal area to prevent them from getting any rashes. The girls are not getting it off completely. We have asked her repeatedly not to do this as we end up having to lay them down after bath time and clean it off. It is a bit embarrassing for everyone. Is there any danger in this?

Post 2

If there is bleeding involved with the rash, consult a physician before using corn starch or any other over the counter treatment. He or she can assess the situation taking all factors into consideration and provide you with the right solution.

Post 1

My great nephew is in Doernbecker Children hospital with Adenoviris pneumonia. He has been treated with antibiotics for other conditions and now has a very severe case of diaper rash. (Bleeding) Is it OK to treat this with corn starch?

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