How can I Treat a Toothache After a Filling?

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A toothache after a filling is not uncommon. The teeth tend to be extra sensitive after dental treatment, and tooth pain is often one of the effects of a filling. A variety of methods exist to treat a toothache. These include over-the-counter medications, an ice pack, and a salt water rinse. There are also a number of natural remedies for a toothache, such as garlic, limes, onions, and clove oil.

Over-the-counter remedies for a toothache after a filling may include aspirin or other pain killers and numbing gels. If the pain after the dental work is anticipated to be severe, a dentist may prescribe medication. These prescription pain killers are generally very strong and are typically not necessary unless extensive dental work is required. If extreme pain is experienced after a filling, the dentist should be consulted to determine if the filling has been improperly applied and if further work is required. Stronger pain medication may need to be prescribed.

One method of easing a toothache after a filling is with an ice pack. The ice will numb the area and decrease the perception of pain. It will also help to lessen any swelling in the area that may have occurred as a result of the filling and dental work. Gargling salt water may also prove to be an effective means of treating the pain. To make a salt water solution, combine two tablespoons of salt with a glass of warm water, and thoroughly rinse the mouth.


Natural methods for easing the pain associated with a toothache include applying crushed garlic to the tooth, chewing on a lemon or lime, and rubbing clove oil on the affected area. Clove oil has anesthetic properties and is often an ingredient in toothpaste. It has long been used as an effective natural treatment for toothaches. Garlic will help kill any bacteria in the area and can ease the pain of a toothache. The vitamin C in limes will help to nourish the teeth and fight a toothache.

Other natural remedies for toothaches include chewing wheatgrass or onions. Both of these items help to control bacteria in the mouth and are known to relieve toothaches. Chewing guava leaves or spinach leaves is also an effective way to treat toothaches after a filling. A powder made up of black pepper and salt might also provide some relief from a toothache after a filling. This powder could be applied to the area with clove oil.


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Post 4

I had two fillings on my back teeth a few days ago, both on the back. One of them is causing a real bad aching pain and it also feels a little sensitive. I'm kind of worried. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do?

Post 3

@burcidi-- Avoid hot and cold drinks! Extreme temperatures always make tooth pain after a filling worse.

What I usually do when I have a toothache is I take a pain reliever and then put a warm tea bag on the tooth.

I'm not sure how the tea bag helps, but it does, especially a peppermint tea bag.

Post 2

@burcidi-- I'm not a doctor but I've had many fillings done and from my experience, some tooth sensitivity after filling is normal. It should go away on its own. You can try natural treatments at home meanwhile.

If it doesn't go away or if it gets worse however, there might be something else going on. It's not common but nerves in the tooth can be injured during a filling. Constant pain can also be a sign of infection or a reaction to the filling material that was used.

Give yourself a few more days and if it doesn't get better, I highly suggest you go back to your dentist and have them figure out what's wrong.

Post 1

I had a tooth filled last week. I didn't have any pain for the first several days but now I have a constant ache there. I don't understand why it's hurting now. What should I do?

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