How can I Shorten Stress Fracture Healing Time?

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A stress fracture is a common injury among athletes because it is very often the result of a repeated stress on weight-bearing bones. Other people, such as sufferers of osteoporosis, are also at risk of a stress fracture, and when the fracture occurs, rest is the only surefire method of stress fracture healing. The bones will repair themselves, and the time it takes to do that healing depends on how long and thoroughly the sufferer rests, what kind of diet the sufferer is adhering to, and what kind of natural response to injury an individual's body can produce. Using an air cast and monitoring the diet can help speed up the process of stress fracture healing in some cases.

Bones naturally work to regenerate and heal themselves, so rest will allow the bones to do just that without risking re-injury to the affected area. Returning to physical activity too soon after an injury can actually prevent stress fracture healing, so it is best to avoid physical activity for several weeks. Wearing an air cast, depending on the location of the injury, can help speed up healing time by promoting blood flow to the affected area. The padded air cells will press against the skin and bones, thereby promoting blood flow to the injury. The boot will also limit mobility of the affected area, preventing further injury or undue strain on the area.


Calcium and Vitamin D can help strengthen bones, so taking such dietary supplements or foods rich in calcium and vitamin D can help prevent stress fractures from occurring. During recovery, taking such supplements can help the bones repair themselves more quickly, though this is not guaranteed in all people. Women are especially likely to benefit from such supplements, though any person considering changing his or her diet should consult a dietitian to determine the best intake of vitamins and minerals for bone health.

Strengthening the bones can help prevent stress fractures and speed up the process of stress fracture healing should the injury occur. The best way to strengthen bones is to increase the amount of weight and stress the bones can take during physical exercise. Such increases should be done slowly and incrementally to allow the bones to become accustomed to the new strain. Stronger bones translate into fewer injuries, and when an injury does occur, a stronger bone is likely to heal faster.


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I found out that I have a patch called a "Fast patch." It is real fast to heal a bone fracture. My friend healed in just 2 and a half weeks, and the x-ray shows the bone is totally fused.

i do not know why; I just know the result. Maybe it can help someone.

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