How can I Savor Summer?

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Summer is a special season to savor. Many of us take vacations during this time of year, but even if we don't, we can still savor summer. Engaging in our favorite warm weather outdoor activities, enjoying seasonal fruits and vegetables and thinking of cool ideas to really enjoy the season are all easy ways that everyone can savor summer.

Lazy days spent at a local lakeside park or beach area is a no-cost way to enjoy your time off work during the summer. A picnic lunch and a good novel or sports activities with family and friends can be fun and relaxing. Of course swimming, boating and other water sports are good ways to escape summer's heat while getting some exercise at the same time. Quench your summer thirst by filling a plastic water bottle half full of water and put it in the freezer before you go to bed. Before you head out the door in the morning, fill the rest of the bottle with cold water and as the ice thaws, you'll enjoy cool ice water while you're outdoors.

As a treat to escape the summer heat, you can spend a sweltering hot summer afternoon in a air-conditioned movie theater. Enjoy the freedom of wearing lighter clothing during weekends or other days off by living in comfortable shorts, sleeveless shirts and flip-flops. You can take the hassle and the heat out of summer dinners by planning cold or barbecued meals for the week ahead of time.


Salad greens with any cooked, leftover meat or other protein such as eggs, beans or nuts form the basics for a cool and delicious summer supper. Add fruit or vegetables, dressing or some olive oil and seasonings to make a wide variety of salad meals everyone can enjoy. You can round out the meal with crusty bread and ice cream or watermelon for dessert. Even a tiny porch area can be set up with a small barbecue and table and chairs to savor summer meals. If you keep a sisal mat on each side of the door, you can help prevent dirt tracking into your home from the patio.

It doesn't take much to savor summer in your home. It can be as simple as adding a bowl of seashells to the coffee table or a few low-cost sea grass mats to your floors. If you don't have an air-conditioning system, several inexpensive fans throughout your home can help to cool things down.


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How I savor summer: As a full time mom and wife, summer tells me it's time to unwind. For me, it's a time to help my children learn and grow in a natural setting, at their own pace.

And then, it's time for my husband and me to take a little weekend away, just us.

And because my husband understands my need for silence and creativity, summer is also a time for me to leave my nest and enjoy a summer program just for me. This means I get to go to a writer's conference where writing poetry is okay. It's actually more than okay, it's expected.

Summer is the perfect time to listen to the wind blow...and no one needs to find their coat, gloves, boots or hats.

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Savoring summer is all about lingering around the pool instead of rushing home to get homework started, dinner started, baths started and a quick read of a favorite book before bedtime.

Savor your time to read. Savor your time to play with recipes. Take a summer job that you really want, like starting that blog you've always wanted to write or that e-book you always knew you had in you.

Summer is all about slowing down, taking time for relationships and that writing course you always said you'd take. Summer is still perfect for dreaming and hammocks and shell collecting. It's the slow spread of joy and contentment. Don't let it pass you by.

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