How can I Relieve Ear Infection Pain?

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If you are suffering from ear infection pain, this can often be relieved by taking an over-the-counter pain medication. You might also want to apply heat to the ear in order to stimulate blood flow to the area. There are a number of home remedies that include the use of natural oils that are thought to relieve earaches. In the event your ears ooze liquid or bleed, you should consult a physician.

Many non-prescription pain relievers can be effective in treating the discomfort associated with an ear infection. Medications containing ibuprofen are often used for this reason. If you choose to try this method of relief, make sure to follow the dosage instructions on the product label to avoid serious complications, which can be harmful or fatal.

A heating pad or hot water bottle can sometimes relieve ear infection pain. You can place this product next to your ear just before falling asleep. Be sure to place a towel around the heat source to make sure you do not burn your skin.


You may want to try a natural cure for ear infection pain. One of the more common treatments is to use warm sweet oil. You can usually purchase this product at a pharmacy without a prescription. Placing two or three drops of it in each ear, two to three times daily, usually makes the pain more tolerable. Be sure to test a couple of drops of the oil on the inside of your wrist, to make sure it is not too hot, before you put it in your ear.

In the event you cannot obtain that remedy, warmed baby or olive oil can also be effective. If you are using baby oil, make sure it does not have any fragrance added to it. Vegetable oil is generally not recommended for treating ear infection pain.

Tea tree oil is thought to have antibiotic properties. For this reason, it may be effective in relieving ear infection symptoms, such as pain. It does not typically need to be heated, but rather may be placed in the ear at room temperature.

If your ear infection pain persists, you may want to have this condition treated by a doctor. This is also true if your ear is swelling, bleeding, or seeping, or if it is accompanied by a high or prolonged fever. An ear infection can be easily treated if diagnosed early. Doing so can prevent a more serious infection from occurring, and reduce the possibility of suffering from hearing loss.


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Post 3

I get recurrent ear infections if I get water in my ear. So for me, the best treatment is prevention. I wear ear plugs in the shower and when I go swimming. Our ears absolutely hate water and for people with sensitive ears and a history of infections, this can be enough to bring on an ear infection and severe pain.

I clean my ears regularly with sweet oil or baby oil. I think this prevents bacteria from getting in the ear. I also use saline spray for my nose. Saline has salt in it and this helps prevent infections as well.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- It's vinegar and peroxide. Some people mix this half and half and leave it in their ear for a few minutes to relieve pain and treat the infection. I've also heard of people using witch hazel but I haven't used any of these remedies, so please ask your doctor before you try it.

I have tried the sweet oil remedy and that is very helpful. I put two or three drops of warm olive oil in each ear and then put a hot water bottle on my ears throughout the day. This is a great ear infection home remedy.

Post 1

My grandmother had a home a remedy for ear pain and infection. I don't remember it exactly but I think it had to do with vinegar.

Anyone know what this remedy is? I really need it right now.

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